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Hindu children are the inheritors of one of the world’s greatest cultural, religious, and spiritual traditions. However, Hindu children growing up in Western societies are often not aware of this great inheritance. The purpose of Hindu Heritage Summer Camp, Inc., is to provide an opportunity for Hindu youth, ages 8 to 16, to explore and understand the diverse traditions and philosophies of Hinduism in an intellectual, nurturing, and fun-filled environment. HHSC is dedicated to helping Hindu youth discover and reconcile what it means to be Hindu American.

Announcements (Live from HHSC)

Fri Jul 30, 2021

The final day of 2nd session was packed with a lot of emotion and fun. We call this day “Fun Day” and had a special theme that was created by the Head Counselors. It was a relaxed day where campers got to hangout most of the time with their fellow campers and were able to fill out their own yearbooks. After the last supper, we had our goodbye Aarti followed by awards, where each camper and counselor got an award. After, everyone participated in several enjoyable camp songs that really lit up the room. Campers then hung out, played games, or watched movies with their cohorts to close the night. Hope that everyone enjoyed the past two weeks here at HHSC. Please have a great year and come back next year!

Thu Jul 29, 2021

So much as been going on over the past few days, but sadly we are approaching the end of camp:( On Monday, we had Twin Day hosted by KYS. They created and handed out awards to pairs/groups who had the best outfits, handshakes, and more. That evening, campers were split into groups to try and solve riddles, puzzles, and clues in order to find their way out of their escape room! Not surprisingly, the younger groups outdid their older peers:) On the next evening, the campers were tantalized and satiated by delicious idli served with sambar. Following that meal, we had our annual Bhajan Fest where campers were again split into their cohorts and competed against each other. They sang/danced to their favorite bhajans all night long and the energy was resonating from head to toe. The next day was the last day of clubs. India Club learned how to play cricket while Arts & Crafts Club made friendship bracelets. Both Dance and Drama Clubs were touching up for their upcoming performances. Speaking of which, later that day we had our second Devi Puja where Drama Club performed during the Sangeet puja offering. After a good night sleep, the whole camp practiced their performances for talent show. Then after devouring some delicious Pav Bhaji, the camp put on a great show that’s available in its entirety in the Facebook group!

Sun Jul 25, 2021

The campers made so many new memories over an exhilerating weekend. On Friday, we had our first Devi Puja that included blessing a personal item and some amazing performances by the campers as an offering to the Devi. The next day, campers practiced Vak Siddhi or public speaking where they were given a random topic to speak about in front of their peers. Then, we had the Carnival! The campers got to go down a massive water slide, play in a bouncy house, eat delicious cotton candy and snow cones! There was a station where you could get your face painted, get tattoos, and other carnival-style games. Safe to say that the campers had a blast! To close the night, we had Special Puja to Lord Visnu. Each camper had their own alter to allow them to perform the puja themselves. On the next day, each cabin was able to create its very own Rangoli. After we had our Vedic Lunch that featured delicious paneer and lovely chanting from our Super Advanced group, campers enjoyed some garba dancing. At night, we had a Hunger Games themed-dinner presented by KYS. We closed the day with a dance party where each cohort danced into the moonlight. Check back for more exciting updates!

Thu Jul 22, 2021

Much has happened in the past several days here at camp! We had our hike on campus that included a variety of activities such as spikeball, capture the flag, and a peaceful journey walk. It’s safe to say the campers were very tired out, not to mention sweaty. Don’t worry though because after showers the campers enjoyed a relaxing movie night to help them unwind. The next evening we had our annual India Day where the theme was weddings! The counselors put on entertaining skits in different stations to teach the campers about wedding traditions: mendhi/haldi, sangeeth, and even compared old school weddings to new school weddings. On the last day before the weekend, the Karma Yoga Scholars (KYS) decorated the dinning area for Fancy Dinner which they hosted themselves. To close out the night, the campers enjoyed karaoke where they sang their hearts out. Stick around for an exhilarating and jam-packed weekend!

Mon Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to Session 2 2021! We welcomed our campers with temperature checks and big smiles (under masks of course). Campers got to know their cabins by setting rules and making their own roll calls. During our welcome Aarthi we did Aarthi to the gods/goddesses and then to ourselves because we believe god is in everything including us! It ended with an evening display of fireworks. On the next day, campers were introduced to their philosophy groups, chanting groups, and club. Then things got messy with some exploding art! Each cabin used exploding art to create a cabin flag. In the evening, we had a campfire where counselors performed live skits and everyone participated in some exhilarating camp songs. This was followed by s’mores…how fitting! Stay tuned in for some more exciting updates throughout these two weeks.

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